University Libraries



How to Access Your Library Account on the TROY (Online Catalog)

Step One
On the upper left corner of the TROY (Online Catalog), we will find "My Account" where you may enter your patron Id number and your password. Your Id and Password are those that you use to access your campus email and other electronic services (i.e. your ten digit student ID for your patron ID, and the first three letters of your last name and last four numbers of your SS # combined.)

Step Two
After logging on, you will see a menu of links appear where you entered you Id and Password. To the right will be a brief welcome statement and summary of your account.

Step Three
Click the “Full” link to see your address and phone number as it appears in our database. You will also see the expiration date of your account in this format: yyyymmddhhmm. (Year month day hour minute.)

Step Four
VSU does not use the “Account” Function on this system.

Step Five

Click the “Activity” link to review the items currently checked out to your account. A drop down menu allows you to switch between a summary (number of books you have on loan) and “Checked Out,” a detailed list of titles and their due dates. You will also notice a toggle for renewing your books. Books cannot be renewed if they are overdue or if you have other overdue items on your account. Also, books cannot be renewed more than once consecutively. If you have books that fall under these criteria, you must bring them in and re-check them out.

Step Six
Click “Logout” when you leave the computer terminal, or when you are finished with your account. Although the system will automatically end a session that has been inactive for a number of minutes, it is recommended that you logout when you are through in order to protect your private information and account.