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Searching for Library Books Using Troy
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Keyword Search

Step One: Enter Search Terms

  1. From the Searches Banner click-on keyword.
  2. Select a field(s) on which to search by clicking the down arrow of the pull-down boxes labeled Search Field and highlight the desired field(s).
  3. Type the term(s) to be searched in each text box labeled Word.
  4. Select one or more logical connectors, or operators to combine your keywords, and highlight the desired logical connector.

Types of Keywords

Alphanumeric: for example, 1900s

Numbers: for example, 1984

Words truncated with an asterisk (* ): for example, farm* would retrieve farm, farms, farmer, farming, or any other word starting with farm.

Words containing a question mark (?) to represent a single, wild card character: For example: colo?r, would retrieve color and colour

Word list: for example, civil war

  1. There is an AND between terms in the word list
  2. There is no order to the terms in the word list
  3. Word lists can include Boolean operator symbols & (AND),  + (OR), or - (NOT).

Example:  cats & breeds – Siamese