Primary sources located at VSU which can be used for the study of the struggle about school desegregation in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Primary Sources located at VSU

  • Helen Estes Baker, 200 items, Papers 1950-1967
    The personal and business correspondence of Helen Estes Baker reflects her long career as a social activist committed to the betterment of human kind. She was a graduate of Virginia State University and was born in Suffolk, Virginia. Acc. #1982-19. Guide Available
  • Robert Prentiss Daniel VSU-RG 2/5
    Robert P. Daniel was appointed the fifth President of Virginia State University (then Virginia State College) In December of 1949. His appointment became effective in February 1950. Robert P. Daniel served as President at Virginia State University from 1950-1968. During this time Mr. Daniel served on numerous boards and commissions. In 1963 he was appointed one of the trustees for the newly formed Prince Edward County Free School Association. Included in Mr. Daniel’s official papers as President of Virginia State University are minutes and correspondence documenting his participation into the development and operation of the Prince Edward County Free School Association.

  • Prince Edward County (Free School), ca 50,000 items, Papers 1962-1964
    Between the years 1959 and 1963, there were no public schools in Prince Edward County, Virginia. After five long years the County and State allowed Prince Edward’s schools to reopen. Because the black children in the county had no school during this period of time (the white students attended an all white academy), it was thought best to organize a free school which would pave the way for hundreds of young children to return to school after a five year absence. The Prince Edward County, Virginia (free school) papers are the records of that effort. The papers contain correspondence, reports, photographs and other items, which document this sad period in Virginia History. Acc. #1969-38.
  • The Virginia Intercollegiate Association, ca 100,000 items, 1951-1969
    Records of the Association that governed all non-academic activities of the black high schools in Virginia. This manuscript group has correspondence, photographs, minutes, reports, films, tapes, news clippings and artifacts. The VIA was headquartered at Virginia State University from 1954-1969. Acc. #1969-37. Guide Available
  • The School of Education
  • The Virginia Teachers Association, ca 100,000 items, Papers 1929-1965
    The Virginia Teachers Association was formed in 1887 by African-American educators and became the official organization dedicated to improving all aspects of black education in the state. From 1887 through 1965 this association functioned as the major “political pressure group,” as well as an administrative agent lobbying for equal salaries and better facilities. Additionally, these groups documented public policies on education. Through it’s annual meeting, workshops, bulletins, and newsletter their work and accomplishments are documented. Acc. #1969-14
  • Archie Gibbs Richardson, ca 30,000 items, Papers 1919, 1970
    In 1935, Archie Richardson became the highest-ranking African-American in State Government. In that year, he was appointed assistant to the assistant for “Negro” Education in Virginia. In 1969 he retired as Associate Director of the Division of Secondary Education in Virginia. His papers consist of correspondence, speeches, writings, and several hundred photographs of Rosenwald and other schools in use in Virginia in the 1930’s Acc. #1997-77. Guide Available
  • John Manuel Gandy VSU RG 2/3
    The Gandy Papers, which are found in this manuscript group, do not begin to reflect the rich and varied life of the man who was President of Virginia State University for twenty-nine years. They do however touch some of the highlights.

    The strong points of the group are two unpublished manuscripts: “The Life and Works of John M. Gandy” and a “History of Virginia State College”, both edited by Dr. Edna Meade Colson. Included in this series are also a few articles and speeches. Much of the materials document the history of African-American public schools in the state of Virginia during the era of "Jim Crowism."

    Correspondence includes some family and general. The largest however involves the 1936 student strike at V.S.U.

    There are also several photographs and some printed matter, and a very interesting scrapbook.

Masters Thesis Available at Virginia State University

  • Hairston, Leon T. Reaction to the 1954 Desegregation Decision, As seen in Five Virginia Newspapers, 1954 to 1957
  • Harris, LaShawn Denise. Alternative Education For African-American Children in Prince Edward County, Virginia 1959-1964
  • Hill, Johnette Martha. The Virginia Response To The Prince Edward Stand Against School Integration
  • James, William Anderson. The Origin And Development Of The Free School Association of Prince Edward County, Virginia, 1963-1964


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